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Custom Song Lyrics Wall Art

Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary

If you're searching for wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband or wife, then keep reading. Our customers are telling us there's been no better way to display their uniqueness throughout their homes than with one of our song lyrics signs.

First Dance Song Lyrics Print

Whether it's your canvas with first dance song lyrics, or just a memorable song that you've enjoyed together as a couple, you can proudly display your affectionate record lyrics as home decor. And this isn't just some basic, run of the mill, wall art either. This personalized lyrics sign can be a gift that can make your occasion more special and score some points with your special person. So let's get more into details about what options you have with our wedding sign with song lyrics:

Song Lyrics Sign Customized Wall Art - Pretty Perfect Studio

There are a few unique designs you can choose from, and each will have a link taking you to each listing, where you can see more details and images. We've designed this personalized lyrics sign to appear like a vinyl record, with the song lyrics swirling around the image of your choice. These are available in square and vertical rectangle sizing options, and also you can choose between our small or large canvas to suit your spaces and preferences. 


How to Create your Pretty Perfect Song Lyric Wall Art

First, for the center of your song lyrics sign, you can choose between our two main styles. One option resembles an actual record, where can write the artist name and title of the song. Or, as a second option, you can send us the photo of your choice and we will insert it in the center. Regardless of the option you choose you can be sure that we will make it Pretty Perfect for you!

Vinyl Record Song Lyrics Sign Personalized With Name and Date Wall Art - Pretty Perfect Studio

The second step is to choose what color you'd prefer your entire song canvas wall art background to be in. You can see from the image above, that you can choose from solid white, textured white, natural, or vintage background colors. You can also choose what color you'd like the center of your record to be, if you don't include a photo.

Custom Song Lyrics Sign With Your Choice of Background- Pretty Perfect Studio

You really can't go wrong with any of these background or record center colors, and since we send an art proof with each order, you can always request a revision for any modifications until you approve the proof; we're happy to do as many revisions as needed until you're finally happy with the proof you'd like to be printed and only then we will proceed to send it into our printing units. 

You can also choose the perfect script font for your song lyrics and personalized names and established date. Although we've provided a script chart for you on each custom listing, if you don't see one that you like, you can always send us a photo or script name of a font you'd like and we can create your custom song lyric wall art with the font or your preference.

Custom Song Lyrics Sign With Your Choice of Font - Pretty Perfect Studio

Last step, is to choose from our wide selection of frame options: Let's start with the most basic. If you order the digital file only, we'll design your song lyrics sign and send the completed pdf file in the size you'd like, which you can then have printed at your local print shop.

Nevertheless, we highly suggest you order a step up with us, and at least get the unframed option, which we'll then print and deliver to you, a ready to hang canvas wall art of the size you order and we will make sure to make this pretty perfect for you.

Our most preferred option, is choosing the floating frame option in the color of your choice. This really is the most beautiful finished product option, and we have several wood frame colors to choose from. You can choose between black, white, rustic white, walnut, teak, oak, gray, and natural wood tone.

Custom Song Lyrics Sign With Your Choice of Frame- Pretty Perfect Studio


Additional Gift Options

Also, since we know how great it is to customize, you can also order from our custom quote listing below, and let us know exactly what you're needing for your song lyrics sign and have us customize for you. Maybe you'd like to add a photo and have your song lyrics or wedding vows shown on top of your photo; or maybe you have an idea that is completely off the wall and not mentioned in this blog. Don't worry, as we have a Pretty Perfect solution for you! 

Please click here to see all of our customizable lyric signs and other wedding and anniversary gift ideas.

Create Your Own Custom Wall Art

Custom Canvas Wall Art With Your Choice of Text - Pretty Perfect Studio


For this customized canvas wall art, of course, you also will receive the same options as above, in styling, colors, fonts, and framing options. The main difference here, is that this design will be exactly of what you're looking for; unlimited art proof revisions are available with this listing, until you approve the final proof which we'll send into print production, or send it to you on a digital file in case that is your preference. 

Please note that our goal is to have each art proof or revision sent to you within 24 hours. So once you place an order and we have all the custom details you're wanting, you can expect your first art proof within 24 hours. If you need modifications, you can request revision to be made and will receive your next art proof within 24 hours of making your revision requests. And once everything looks perfect for you, you'll let us know by sending us a message saying "Approved" in which we'll consider your final proof, that'll then be submitted into print production. No revisions can be made upon receiving your final approval, as we aim to quickly submit all approvals into print production within hours max, of receiving all customer art proof approvals. And at the end, we are sure you we are going to create a Pretty Perfect Custom Lyrics Wall Art for you!

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