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Unique Movie Theater Signs for Home

Unique Movie Theater Signs

Are you looking for a great and premium movie theater sign that goes perfectly with your family movie nights? If so, we got you! Since the pandemic, there are more people staying indoors and wanting to make their spaces unique, so... why not bring your movie theater room to life? Here in this article we want to share with you our amazing signs to level up your movie theater decor. Get ready and lights, camera, action!

Custom Movie Theater Signs

If you want the look of vintage wall decor for your home movie theater, look no further. Take a closer look at our top selling movie theater signs and discover what makes them so special. In no particular order, here are our top picks: 

1. Classic Vintage Cinema Marquee Sign

Classic Vintage Cinema Theater Sign Customized Wall Art - Pretty Perfect Studio


A lot of time and attention to detail was put into this movie theater sign, and honestly, it's not until you see it up close in your home that you can truly appreciate all the little unique touches that make this piece so special. For example, our customers loved the appearance of lights in each letter. No matter what personalized family name or quote you throw our way, it'll be customized to include little "lights" in each letter; although these aren't really electronic lights, they will certainly appear like a vintage movie marquee would have looked. 

Also, the word "Movie Theater", as well as the gold cinema bars, appear to have little rivets. Just like you would've seen on any old-fashioned made cinema movie marquee sign. How cool!

How welcoming it'll be to enter your home movie theater, seeing the cinema lights and stars in the sky above your cinema design? These little touches are just a few of the reasons we believe make our movie theater sign a smash hit.

2. Cinema Marquee Sign Addition

Cinema Marquee Sign Addition Customized Wall Art - Pretty Perfect Studio


With a more black design overall, and maybe a smoother touch of gold framing the marquee, this movie theater sign is also a hugely popular piece. This still comes with stars and cinema "lights" in the night sky backdrop, while being overall somewhat of a different marquee vintage wall art feel; just another way to bring a classic marquee to life in your home movie theater.

Of course, you can add your family last name, as well as a nearly unlimited number of family members' first names; some would like their established date be added, and maybe even their city & state; also if you have a custom quote, that's different from what you're seeing, that's not a problem to include either. Simply let us know what you want included and we'll do our best to make your design look pretty perfect for you. 

3. Movie Lounge Personalized Sign


Enjoy The Show Movie Lounge Custom Name Sign Customized Wall Art - Pretty Perfect Studio


If you're needing a more neutral home movie theater canvas wall art, that isn't as bold in colors as the first two, then this could be the one for you. As with the first two designs, this includes any customization you're needing. One really neat feature of this design, is the option you'll have to choose your center design, for which you can choose from one of these six center designs, or even let us know another option you're looking for and we'll make it happen.

This design is available in the background color of your choice, as well as with the center design being the colors you're looking for. Most customers choose either a white or black background and the same with the center design; the exception to this is having the popcorn center design bringing a little pop of color to the piece.

 You can check out more movie theater designs here.

Needing Something More Personalized?

Fully Customized Wall Art - Pretty Perfect Studio


If we don't quite have what you're looking for in your custom movie theater sign, don't fret. Simply request from our custom quote sign; then we'll spend even more attention and time on your piece to get exactly what you're envisioning, and bring it to life on your custom quote wall art.

We'll send your art proof to review and approve, or request an additional revision prior to us moving your order into print production. Each of these come with unlimited revisions, so if you don't like the first art proof we send you, you can request the changes you're hoping for, and then we'll send you another proof... and even another art proof, and yet another proof... until you finally get what you like designed. And then you can rest assured that the delivered result it is going to be Pretty Perfect for you!



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