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Personalized First Responder Blankets

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Our first responder flag custom blankets have been tested for comfort and quality to ensure that you are getting the highest quality that we can offer. In the video below, Josh from Pretty Perfect Studio, demonstrates the major differences between our personalized sherpa blanket and those of similar competitors, as well as suggestions on selecting the perfect size for you.


With our customizable name blankets, you are going to get a unique texture on each side, both being extremely comfortable. With two comfortable sides, you can choose your favorite based on feel, texture, and color. Each side is going to offer a different type of softness and style. Having such a comfortable and lightweight blanket allows you to use it all year round.

Pretty Perfect Studio offers Custom Sherpa Fleece Blankets For The First Time


 Thin Blue Line Blankets

Custom Sherpa Blankets For Thin Blue Line Blue Lives Matter Police Officer Appreciation

Thin Grey Line Blankets

Thin Grey Line Gifts For Prison Wardens and Correctional Guards

Thin Red Line Blankets

Thin Red Line Gifts For Firefighters and Fire Dept Chiefs

Thin White Line Blankets

Thin White Line Christmas Gifts For EMTs and Paramedics
Thin Gold Line 911 Dispatcher Blanket


Thin Gold Line Thin Yellow Line Gifts For 911 Emergency Dispatchers, Truck Drivers, and Tow Operators

Thin Green Line Military Blanket

Thin Green Line Custom Gifts For Active Duty Military and Veterans For Deployments and Homecoming

Which Blanket Size Is Perfect For Me? 

There are two blanket sizes to choose from. You can choose between:

1. Adult size: 60"x80"

2. Youth size: 50"x60"

The most popular is already proving to be the larger 60"x80". It simply is the best choice as it is only $25 more than the youth sized. If you'd like to see our blanket collection, click here.

 If you're looking for more first responder gift ideas, check out our collection.

Fleece Sherpa Blanket Size Chart Available At Pretty Perfect Studio

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